The main tourist resort in Thailand is found in Phuket. It is the largest and one of the most beautiful island in Thailand. It is so beautiful that visitors and tourists who visit Phuket yearly claim it is “paradise on earth’’. In Phuket, the weather soothes everyone and it is enjoyed all through the year, season after season. Phuket is 576 square kilometres in areas, surrounded by the great Andaman Sea of the southern Thailand. Phuket has derived its main resources from tourisms. Since its transformation, it enjoyed its history of fishing and mining of rubber and tin. Phuket Island is now attracted to visitors all over the world.

There are so many investors in Phuket that have apartment rent Phuket. They are scattered all over the island. The reals estates, the luxury hotels and the condominiums in Phuket are all owned by investors. Renting of these apartments in Phuket is very easy. When you get to Phuket, the very important need is apartment rent Phuket. This will provide a shelter for you for as long as you want to stay in Phuket. It is also important to make an affordable budget when you are planning to come to Phuket. All apartment rent Phuket are affordable, with the cost that cannot be obtained in other places of the world. There is an apartment in Phuket specified for any budget. They retain their usual quality.

For thirty years now, Phuket has been experiencing increased
number of visitors, and these had been more than the number of accommodations that they have in Phuket. But recently, in early this year (2015), a lot of apartment rent Phuket was built. There are some uncompleted accommodations in Phuket at the moment. These, when completed, will add to the number of apartment rent Phuket. Some of these hotels in Phuket are found in their numbers in Soi Bangla Road, Sawatdirak Road, Raj-Uthit Road, Pee Road, Thaweewang Road, and Muen-Nogen Road.

Some of the hotels in Phuket are; the village coconut island, Novotel Phuket Resort, Dewa Phuket hotel, Hilton Phuket Arcadia. The frutta Boutique, Malisa villa suits, Sea Pearl Villas Resort, Thavorn beach village and spa, the lantern Resorts Patong, Thavorn Palm Beach. These hotels are built to world class standard. The quality of services they render are hard to come by outside Thailand. They have facilities in the hotels that are captivating. There are also equipment for recreational activities found in the hotels that visitors use in their leisure. Each room have a very wide bed and properly made with colourful bed linens. Some of the facilities are swimming pools, table tennis, lawn tennis courts, and world class golf course.

The management of these apartment rent Phuket also
provide assistance to customers in any way that they could. They direct customers to the best spots in Phuket and shopping complexes. Some of them give a free car rental service to aid transportation for their customers. They also organise activities for customers during the nightlife in Phuket, which remains in their memory and always willing to come back again to Phuket.

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